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e-mail: stephenson@isat.co.za
36 Towpath
Port Elizabeth

Welcome to Redhouse Benevolent Society

A group of women devote their Thursdays to helping the poor, destitute, HIV/AIDS, TB, as well as Asthma sufferers, and old age pensioners to get grants or hospital/clinic treatment. They also help feed these people as well as giving them clothing and blankets.

Working out of old, windowless containers on a piece of industrial land, these ladies selflessly offer up so much of their time to help those in need.

They have been doing this since 1938, most of the volunteers being Redhouse residents. Completely reliant on donations and often having to fork out from their own pockets to fulfill the needs of these unemployable people, they diligently persevere.

How we help these people:

  • doing all the paperwork necessary
  • from application forms
  • letters to doctors
  • letters to hospitals
  • letters to clinics
  • advice on where they can receive aid and what to do
  • following up to ensure that they receive the necessary aid
  • provide aid they so desperately need before they receive their grants
Redhouse Benevolent Society
Redhouse Benevolent Society
Redhouse Benevolent Society

Some Of Our Supporters

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